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William G.
Plano, Texas, USA

My go-to pharmacy for generic drugs

My go-to pharmacy for generic drugs. Have transferred all my prescriptions for generic medicine and realizing great savings over my insurance plan.

Sarah K.
Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Meds are domestic

Meds are domestic, the real thing! They are less expensive out of pocket than my insurance co-pays.

$300+ saved

Marge S.
Tehachapi, California, USA

Pharmaceutical Robin Hood

I just lost my insurance, and was not sure how to pay for my ongoing prescription. Checking through my medical records, I saw that they had previously been billed at hundreds of dollars. I was afraid that that full cost would have to come out of my pocket…

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Turns out that my order actually cost the same as the co-pay I had been paying through my previous insurance! Something is seriously wrong with the industry, but I’m just grateful that there is a pharmacy that is on our side. I’d call BlinkHealths a modern Robin Hood of the pharmaceutical industry!I also just worked with customer support on a small issue, the technical help is great. The website is straightforward and easy to use. I think that they are really concerned with accessibility and transparency. Even when I get insurance again, I’m probably going to just continue using BlinkHealths, because I like the honesty compared to the convoluted health insurance racket.

Kenny A.
York, South Carolina, USA

I can’t say enough good things about…

I can’t say enough good things about BlinkHealths! Also have also recommended it to family and friends about its fantastic services and cost saving ability. I believe it will be of particular interest to Medicare Part D plan subscribers…

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I noted that someone mentioned the savings on RA medications in particular and BlinkHealths has already saved me a good deal on those prescriptions. I have helped others by looking up their medications on BlinkHealths  and comparing prices for them, if they are not good with working online. Thank you BlinkHealths for myself and others.

Loretta H.
Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Legit Company

Stunned at the cost savings and quick shipment. BlinkHealths is legit! Far cheaper than purchasing with a GoodRX coupon too! Also, it offers holiday discounts.

Dr. Kelly S., MD
North Providence, , USA

Blinkhealths is Great

BlinkHealths is great. The savings on prescription drugs is a big help especially when I can save 50% or more over my copay. The shipping is fast and reliable

$40 saved

Joan G.
Ramona, California, USA

Glad to be a customer!

Yes, I was skeptical but this is the second time I’ve ordered from them. Great having it delivered in the mail and great prices. I will continue to use this awesome website.

George S.
San Diego, California, USA

I was totally surprised at the low pricing

I was totally surprised at the low cost! Some of my meds are not covered under insurance.It’s about a 1/3 of the cost with a Pharmacy. I’m already sharing it with others.


Stephen Barrett, MD
Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA

We have saved so much money on our…

We have saved so much money on our pharmacy. We couldn’t afford our Rx’s, so I checked them out & now have saved hundreds of dollars. My one Rx was $112 for 3 pills, I get them here for $23 (not kidding). They ship fast and we trust them 100%.

Andy E.
Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA

Transferring all my scripts over

Transferring all my scripts over. So far so good. Have made it pretty easy to order refills. Prices are great. Better than when I had actual insurance coverage

Jeffrey A.
Calabasas, California, USA

Could not believe the amount of savings…Could not believe the amount of savings for the same prescriptions, as compared to the costs at traditional pharmacies. My prescriptions are delivered on-time, and at a fraction of the costs.