erectile dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction? 

Erectile dysfunction is becoming the most common problem for men in the world. Erectile dysfunction is also known as the name of ED. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual inability to maintain or get an erection during intercourse. According to the survey in the USA, there are nearly 30 million males who are facing the problem of ED. Erectile dysfunction may occur due to various reasons. Erectile dysfunction is causing the gap between couples due to unhealthy sexual drive. There are some primary causes of erectile dysfunctions that are given below. 

What are the factors which may be liable for ED?

Age factors- age factor may be responsible in many cases. With growing age, testosterone level diminishes by 2 to 3% per year. Testosterone level helps to boost up the sexual drive, but with increasing age, it becomes a bit difficult. Due to a low testosterone level, you may feel a lack of erection and a problem in maintaining the erection longer during intercourse. 

Diseases- some diseases may cause you erectile dysfunction. You may feel the disturbance and imbalanced in your sexual drive due to illnesses. You may notice difficulty in maintaining or getting an erection during sex. Heart, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure are some diseases that may cause you ED. 

Mental issues- the unstable mental condition may also cause you erectile dysfunction; if you are running under stress, anxiety, and depression so you may feel the symptoms of erectile dysfunction while sexual desires. If you are facing the problem in getting an erection so your unstable mental condition may responsible for this. 

Is erectile dysfunction curable? 

Yes, erectile dysfunction is curable. You can consult with a sexologist to get the treatment. You should not take any medication without sexologist consultation because you may encounter more other severe issues due to this. 

The treatment of ED may vary from person to person, but it can be treated within a 2 to 3 months period. If you are running under any medication or you have any medical history with heart and brain so you should discuss it with your sexologist. Due to your medical history, your treatment may change and avoid it.