What is insomnia? 

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder, and many factors may be responsible for insomnia and other severe sleeping issues. In wakefulness, the person stays awake up to late night and face a lot of problems in falling asleep. It may affect your daily activities, and you may feel unconscious the entire day. Many factors may be liable for it and other sleeping problems. 

How many types

There are mainly two types according to the research in the USA- 

Primary- It may be liable due to medical conditions. There are lots of severe health issues that may lead to cause your primary insomnia. Cancer, chronic pain, heart issues may prompt you disturbance while sleeping and may keep you awake full night. 

Secondary – It is becoming common insomnia around the world. Many protocols may be responsible for secondary insomnia like stress, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. A new study in the USA found one more factor which may be liable for secondary insomnia that is a hormonal imbalance. 

What are the causes

There are some causes are given below- 

Stress and anxiety- stress and anxiety is the leading cause of it. If you are running under pressure and fear so it may disturb your sleeping schedule and make cause problems while falling asleep. 

Unhealthy eating habits- unhealthy eating habits may cause you. When you have high food or beverages in the evening may lead to cause you insomnia because high food may take time to digest, which may keep you awake up to the late night. 

Disturb schedule- your disturb schedule may also cause. If you are facing the problem of travel, changing in shift may disturb your sleeping criteria. Changing sleeping time may worry your brain cells, which may affect your sleep cycle.